Leiden University

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands, founded 8 February 1575. Leiden University collaborates in a wide range of partnerships, through which it is able to amass expertise across the borders of disciplines and academic fields. Interdisciplinary collaboration is not restricted to scientific fields within the University; Leiden also has partnerships with other research institutions, non-profit organisations, government authorities and the business sector.

Across its seven faculties, Leiden University has appointed 6 profile themes for research carried out within the university. These themes, all areas in Leiden University researchers excel, transcend the traditional boundaries between disciplines and faculties. They offer opportunities for top-level fundamental research whilst at the same time reflecting key societal and global concerns of the 21st century. These research themes are:

  1. Fundamentals of Science
  2. Health, Life and Biosciences
  3. Health across the Human Life Cycle
  4. Law, Democracy and Governance: Legitimacy in a Multilevel Setting
  5. The Asian Challenge
  6. The Global Interaction of Civilizations and Languages
Leiden University